“Regina loves to play sport’s after class.” The incorrect word or phrase is:?


sport’s=sports activities

“Regina likes to play sport’s after class.” The wrong phrase or phrase is:

sure solely has an apostrophe for OWNERSHIP, and CONTRATION (It’s = it is).

plurals DON’T take a apostrophe.

*particular case*

if its plural AND possession….eg.

the home belongs to MORE than one girl…
due to this fact:
the women’ home…

sure it does look humorous, ending a phrase with an apostrophe however its proper.

one thing completely random however for those who’re recreation….
in your instance…it’s okay to say Regina likes to play sport’s after class….
the query is…sport’s what?


Regina likes to play John’s after class..

john’s what? john’s pc.

Regina likes to play john’s pc after class

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“sport’s” is wrong. It solely wanted an “s” to make it plural. (And it needs to be plural. The second reply you bought may be true in Britain, however it’s not within the US.)

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Sport’s. Undoubtedly no apostrophe, but it surely needs to be singular. Sport.

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Sport’s – it ought to learn sports activities – no apostrophe…

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i see this peson wants reply to the lengthy john silvers app additionally XD

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