4 Reasons Why AT&T Internet Is Good for Smart Home Devices

  1. Security
  2. Public Wi-Fi Hotspots
  3. Wi-Fi 6 Tech
  4. Last but Not the Least…Affordable!

With blazing-fast fiber internet and high-speed broadband for residential users, AT&T has made a huge name for itself in the communications services industry. It has a huge set-up and stands tall as the biggest telecommunications company and internet service provider in the country.

For a complete entertainment and communication solution, AT&T bundles are available in more than 20 states. If you are still going back and forth between choosing AT&T internet for your smart home devices, here is every important reason why you should go ahead!


AT&T internet plans come with a McAfee security suite to manage and protect your devices against all online vulnerabilities. The security suite performs the following functions.

  • Antivirus

Removes already existing viruses and also prevents any future threats from viruses.

  • Protection from hackers

Improved security protocol mean that your data loss will be minimized, hence, your home security devices will be less vulnerable to hackers.

  • Device health check

You will get regular device health checks. This allows you to declutter, ensuring smooth functioning of all your computers, laptops, and smartphones.

  • Regular updates
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The security suite comes with frequent updates and changes so that your security system is up-to-date. These updates are automatic, and you don’t have to monitor and run after them every now and then.

  • Protects multiple devices

The security suite is meant to provide protection to more than just one device. This is ideal for family homes with multiple devices.

  • Online support

You get free of cost technical support online. This is important in times of emergencies, or any confusion in terms of how to use the security suite.

  • Spyware removal

The software will prevent any spyware from getting into your devices and also remove any existing spyware.

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

The whole point of having smart home management devices is that you can control, monitor, and manage your home even when you’re away. However, when you are traveling by road or are working or running any errands outside, you need to be connected to the internet. So, for AT&T internet users, there are several Wi-Fi hotspots all across the nation.

You just have to use your own AT&T credentials, and you will be connected to a reliable internet connection even out in public, free of cost. Using this public Wi-Fi hotspot will not put any effect on your data allowance included in the subscription. Therefore, to make the most out of your smart home devices, even when you are away, you need AT&T Internet and its Wi-Fi hotspots that are accessible by every customer.

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Wi-Fi 6 Tech

If you already have multiple smart home devices in your home, you will notice that your internet will be getting slower and slower. This is because the internet network is becoming congested. As a result, your Wi-Fi 5 routers and modems are unable to accommodate such demanding devices. However, this issue can be quickly solved if you opt for an AT&T internet plan.

AT&T internet plans come with the Wi-Fi 6 technology that ensures high-speed internet, better coverage, and improved security protocols. Due to the broad channels through which data travels, Wi-Fi 6 can speed everything up and also let you enjoy the internet speeds you are actually subscribed to.

If you want to install a smart device in a distant corner of your house, you can opt for the AT&T Wi-Fi extenders at an affordable price and get proper coverage. Speak to a professional at AT&T customer service to learn more about their Wi-Fi gateway and available extenders.

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Last but Not the Least… Affordable!

Of course, for smart homes, internet availability is more than essential. It’s important not to settle for an unreliable internet provider or service. With AT&T, not only do you get reliable internet service, but you will also be able to enjoy some cost benefits.

You will see that AT&T Internet prices are much lower than the industry average and what other ISPs have to offer. Most importantly, cheaply priced AT&T internet plans also provide multiple benefits and perks And that’s not all, it even lets you bundle up different services together.

There are very few internet providers who offer such a thorough security system with their internet plans, that too free of added charges. All this adds up together to make your decision clearer about an internet provider for your smart home.

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