Real assets in the economy include all but which one of the following?

Investments HW # 1 1. Financial possessions represent _____ of complete possessions of U.S.
According to motion of resources files, the greatest individual asset of
Us families is house industry ie residential property.
Real possessions tend to be typical tangible genuine possessions that have an
after? a.) land b.) frameworks c.) client durables d.) typical stock 3. On the basis of the Flow of Funds Accounts linked to the usa,
intrinsic price due to their properties and material. Land,
Frameworks, Furniture etc all come under real possessions.
possessions people families.
Reaction is d.) typical stock

Financial possessions represent over 60per penny and under 70per penny of total
Reaction is a) under 70per penny
families. a.) under 70per penny b.) more than 90per cent c.) under 10per penny d.) about 30per penny 2. real possessions through the entire economic climate contain all exactly what kind linked to the
the greatest individual asset of U.S. families is ___. a.) provided financial investment shares b.) real-estate c.) your retirement reserves d.) company equity

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