Ramadan: My concentration and memory is really bad. I cant concentrate at work and also find it hard to concentrate when I am praying. ?

How do I improve my concentration? I daydream a lot. 

I agree with the users suggestions but its also important to seek refuge in God from the accursed devil whenever you are about to pray and whenever you are about to do anything that is important and whenever you feel troubled about something, seek refuge in Ar-Rahman and His help. Furthermore, to improve your memory and concentration much better as well and be rewarded for it, make Salawaat upon the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and make sure to always give a proper greeting to the Prophet Habibullah, peace and blessings be upon him, even if your memory and concentration improves.
If you would like to ask questions like this in the future, try to join reddit r/ramadan and take your questions there because yahoo answers will close soon. Just type “ramadan” in reddit and you’ll see the link to join. I will not be answering questions anytime soon on there but maybe I will sometime.

That is one thing that ordinary people like us lack of.
Sometimes you minds are too much exposed to something so it’s quite difficult to stick into something. 
Same with prayers, it’s not an easy task to fully concentrate like Prophet, Sahaba, or other Mu’min. Because we are exposed to external world too much. 
The same goes with work related things. Unless you have decided yourself to stick to something and you are confident about it. 
You don’t need go force yourself to change but you could choose to adopt yourself to whatever suitability it is.

You eat or you drink. If your body cannot handle it, then don’t force it. IF you really want to keep your energy, however, eat before the sunrise, and eat a hefty amount of food. Make sure you drink a cup of coffee and then go take a nap (I’m not kidding. Take a 20 minute nap). When you wake up towards sunrise, you’ll be full of energy.

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