Quillwork was considered a art form.

Quillwork was thought-about a artwork type. a. man’s b. girl’s c. baby’s d. shaman’s

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I believe it is B. Lady’s Rationalization: Quillwork, sort of embroidery achieved with the quills of a porcupine, or generally with chook feathers. This kind of ornament was utilized by American Indians from Maine to Virginia and westward to the Rocky Mountains.

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the solutions B, good luck

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b. girl’s Rationalization: Quillwork is a conventional type of decoration for Native People who use the spines of porcupines as an aesthetic factor. Feather quills of birds had been additionally often used within the feather. Earlier than the introduction of glass beads, the feather was an essential ornamental factor utilized by the peoples who resided within the pure habitat of the porcupine, which included the indigenous peoples of the Subarctic, the forests of the northeast and the plains of the north. The usage of feathers in designs ranges from Maine to Alaska.

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I consider the reply is B,solely as a result of ladies had been the one individuals who did quill work.

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