Question 1 (multiple choice) who is most likely to perform a forensic autopsy?

Query 1 (a number of alternative) who’s almost certainly to carry out a forensic post-mortem? forensic anthropologist forensic pathologist forensic entomologist forensic psychologist query 2 (a number of alternative) how quickly will insect exercise start for a physique left within the open? instantly 2-3 hours 12-24 hours 48-72 hours query 3 (a number of alternative) a light-weight meal will digest in about what number of hours? 1-2 hours 3-5 hours 6-8 hours 10-12 hours query 4 (a number of alternative) what are actions or behaviors that will have (or might not have) taken place earlier than somebody dies? dying acts indicative acts incidental acts dwelling acts

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2. Insect exercise will start instantly if a physique is left within the open. That’s the reason insect exercise will help investigations with figuring out sure issues reminiscent of time of dying, the place the individual died and the like.  3. A light-weight meal will digest in about 1-2 hours. Digestion charges can provide helpful details about when an individual had died. Medium meals take about 3-4 hours to digest and heavier meals take about 6 hours.  4. Indicative acts are actions or behaviors that will or might not have taken place earlier than somebody dies. Indicative is suggestive, so it might or might have occurred. Whenever you say indicative acts you’re referring to what might have occurred (or might not) primarily based on sure circumstances, observations or proof.

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I consider it is 1-2 hours! Rationalization: y!

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A light-weight meal will digest in about 2 hours.

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Most mild meals like a salad, a apple, and different issues will solely take about 1-2 hours to digest.

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