Quanto costa una stecca di marlboro gold? e quante sigarette contiene?

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devo comprarle per un mio amico che si trova in uk, da loro costano di piu, ma non me ne intendo

Una stecca da 10 pacchetti (20 sigarette cadauno) ti costerebbe all’incirca 55€.
Costo di un singolo pacchetto da 20 sigarette= 5,40 € (il prezzo potrebbe subire cambiamenti a secondo dove le si compra)
Una stecca contiene 10 pacchetti.
Prezzo= euro singolo pacchetto * 10 pacchetti= 5,40 * 10 = 54€
In totale ci sarebbero 200 sigarette in tutta la stecca. Ti ricordo ancora che i prezzi non sono uguali in tutti i tabacchi o dove le si compra.

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Quanto costa una stecca di marlboro gold? e quante sigarette contiene?

Looking to buy a pack of cigarettes? Wondering how much it costs and how many cigarettes are in a pack? Check out our latest article on cigarette prices in Italy and find out!

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What is a Stecca di Marlboro Gold?

A Stecca di Marlboro Gold is a pack of 20 cigarettes with a gold foil band around it. The price for a Stecca di Marlboro Gold pack is €9.90 ($11.65 USD). Each cigarette packs contains 14 cigarettes and the total cost of a pack is €104.40 ($127.10 USD).

How Much Does a Stecca of Marlboro Gold Cost?

A stecca of Marlboro Gold cigarettes typically costs around $10. Each pack contains 20 cigarettes, which means that each cigarette will cost you about $0.50. That’s a little over $5 per carton!

How Many Cigarettes Are in a Stecca of Marlboro Gold?

A stecca of Marlboro Gold cigarettes contains 20 cigarettes, and each cigarette costs around €5. So a stecca of Marlboro Gold would cost around €10.


Thank you for reading! In this concluding paragraph, we would like to give you some important advice on how to save money when it comes to cigarettes. First of all, if you are a smoker and are looking to quit, then quitting smoking is the best way to save money. Second of all, if you are not a smoker but enjoy using cigarettes socially or as an add-on flavor in your food, try substituting them with cigars or pipe tobacco instead. Finally, always be mindful of the price of cigarettes and avoid buying packs that are significantly more expensive than usual.

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