Proper Adjective Use: Elegant vs. Eloquent?

If some body is recognized as to-be an excellent presenter (senator obama pops into the mind), can you better explain their particular terms as elegant, or eloquent? Perhaps it may be determined by the specific situation, it is one usually much more precise to utilize as an adjective within situation?

Even though you could most likely pull off utilizing either term, “eloquent” especially identifies address or interaction. “Elegant” may be used much more usually to spell it out something which is elegant or dignified.
“He offered an eloquent presentation at elegant charity basketball.”
“Though the woman gown had been extremely brief, it absolutely was therefore elegant it would not distract from the woman eloquent discussion.”

Eloquent appears much more precise if you ask me.

eloquent/eloquence identifies talking capability
elegant generally identifies design, specially of clothes or furnitures.

eloquent. elegant is usually familiar with explain your look and/or way he/she holds him/herself.


Answer 6

eloquent is exactly how he talks
elegant is exactly how he appears

Answer 7



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