PowerPoint could not finish creating video?

I’ve been trying to export a video out of PowerPoint with the highest setting with MP3, halfway through the process PowerPoint comes up with an error telling me it could not finish exporting the file. There is no trimmed audio in the file, but there are over 200 slides, each with a picture and most with transitions. I’m exporting the file on a really sh*tty laptop, the other times I’ve exported PowerPoint presentations (all very similar files to the one I’m exporting now) I’ve used a really good quality desktop computer and there have been no issues. I’ve tried splitting the presentation into two and exporting and that worked, but I can’t afford to lose quality by putting separate files together in Movie Maker. Any ideas???

You’ve answered your own question. Your computer doesn’t have the muscle to wrangle your PowerPoint project into a video. Maybe you can put the project on a flash drive or disk and use a friend’s computer to save it as a video.

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And you don’t have to lose quality in Movie Maker. You just need to save it using a higher bit rate.

To do this: First, you need to know what the bit rate of the original video produced with PowerPoint are. Go to one of them that you’ve saved to your computer, right click>Properties on it. Click on the Details tab and scroll down to Bit Rate or Total Bit Rate. Write down or remember this number. WHile you’re there, write down the frame width and height.

Secondly, open Movie Maker and add any short video clip to it. On the Home tab click on Save Movie and scroll down and click on “Create custom setting”.

In the new dialog that opens:
leave alone (you are creating a new setting).
Give your setting a name.
Type in the width and height (be sure to get the values in the right boxes).
Now, the bit rate…. Bit rate determines the quality of your video but it also determines the file size. If the bit rate of the PowerPoint video is high (above 10,000 kbps), use a bit rate that’s between 1/2 and 2/3 of the original (and you thought you’d never use fractions in real life!:-). If the bit rate is less than 10,000 kbps, just type in the real bit rate’s value.
Frame Rate: Just use whatever value is there.
Audio: leave “as is”.
Click the Save button and then “Close”.

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You’ll find your new setting in Save Movie>Recent Settings and all the way down in Save Movie>Custom Settings.

Now, if you want to make any changes to your custom setting. Click Save Movie>Create custom setting again except this time click the dropdown at the right side of the box and select the setting you want to change. Make your changes, click Save, click Close.

Creating A Video From Powerpoint

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