Please help: Write y = x + 5 in standard form using integers.?

Write y = x + 5 in standard form using integers.

Answer is C
–x + 6y = 30
You have
Y= 1/6x + 5
Multiply both sides by 6
6y = x + 30
take x to the left hand side, you get
–x + 6y = 30

Write 6y = x + 5 in standard form using integers

Idk what your y=2/3 +7 is…you may desire to to edit you question as a results of fact it doesnt make experience. besides, component slope intercept variety is y=mx+b the place m is the slope and b is the y intercept. So for the 1st one, a line that passes by (-9, 0) and (6, 10). First we want our slope. bear in mind slope is upward push/run or (substitute in y)/(substitute in x) 10-0=10 is the substitute in y. 6-(-9)=15 is the substitute in x So the slope is 10/15 or 2/3 So we’ve y=(2/3)x+b Now to get be merely take certainly one of your factors and plug interior the values. shall we use (-9,0) 0=(2/3)(-9)+b 0=-6+b 6=b So the line is: y=(2/3)x+6 For the 2nd do the comparable element. Slope: (7-(-5))/(-3-a million)=12/-4=-3 so y=-3x+b Taking (a million,-5) -5=-3(a million)+b -5=-3+b -2=b So the line is y=-3x-2

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