PlatinumLED BIOMAX 900 Technology Review- Worth in 2022?

Now we all want to keep our skin glowing and remain youthful. However, as we aren’t aware of the proper methods we can’t hold our skin beauty for long.

There are no magic potions or creams that can benefit you as much as Biomax series light therapy. So, if you want to remove scars, reduce wrinkles, or even bring back the color of youth on your face, BIOMAX 900 can be the best option so far. It not only promises to give you the desired glow but even resists any significant side effects. 

So, is PlatinumLED BIOMAX 900 worth your money? Let’s find out through this article.  

What’s PlatinumLED Biomax Series? 

It’s a collection of red light therapy devices and panels that have attached LED lights for different therapeutic purposes. Moreover, these devices are designed to emit particular wavelengths of near-infrared and red light to aid with different health benefits like wrinkles, skincare, hair growth, muscle mass growth, and many more.

All these series work by stimulating ATP generation in the cells plays a crucial role in cellular regeneration and function. Moreover, as we can’t feel this method of therapy on our skin, so it’s a hundred percent natural. 

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PlatinumLED BIOMAX 900 Review

BIOMAX series brings you the largest LED panel, the BIOMAX 900. This device even boosts most of the LED lights with the highest irradiance

However, this device approximately weighs 33 pounds and this can make the overall setup a hassle. Moreover, the device is around 36 inches in height, with 3 inches in depth and 12 inches in width. So, to use this device, you need to have sufficient space in your home to keep this LED panel.

More Control Over the Treatment 

The BIOMAX 900 has an amazing timer system along with a combined digital control. Moreover, the features even let you control and keep track of your light therapy sessions. 

That’s not all; the device is also linkable and can easily connect with multiple other panels. For instance, if you have tall LED panels, then you can easily connect them one over the other to have an extensive therapy range. 

More Irradiance and Power

The BIOMAX 900 has an addition of 900-watt power which is considered to be the most powerful red light therapy that boosts the irradiance of 135 mW/cm2 at an average of six inches from the BIOMAX. 

This is one of the significant reasons why this version of the BIOMAX Series is so powerful. However, this is also another reason for the high price of this LED panel. So, we always recommend that before you start using this LED panel, you should consult with a physician and take suggestions on whether you need this therapy or not.

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Better Technology

PlatinumLED’s  R+ | NIR+ spectral output is used in the BIOMAX Series. This gives off red and near-infrared light in a variety of wavelengths. There are mainly five different wavelengths in this design, which is only available in the BIOMAX Series. This advancement in technology has made this LED panel one of the most reliable methods of therapy. 

What Biomax Offers You?

Movable Rack Stand

With the Mobile Rack Stand, you can store four BIOMAX panels (two wide and two tall) on wheels. Its design makes it portable.

As a result, this stand is designed for full-body use, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in red light treatment.

Horizontal Stand

The Horizontal Rack Stand holds two BIOMAX light panels for overhead use. This design is ideal for full-body red light treatment while lying down. Its adjustable height adapts to your area and demands.

Since the base of the device is 26 inches by 30 inches and the height is movable from 40 to 58 inches, it doesn’t cover as much ground as the Mobile Rack Stand.

Modular Design

The BIOMAX Series panels can also be joined together to provide the optimal solution for your specific situation. This function allows you to personalize your panel system for space and light.

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So, if you live in a compact flat, you may choose to connect several small panels. If you have enough room, you can link several of the larger panels together to create a broad area of irradiance.

Timer & Digital Control

The digital timer and control panel are substantial upgrades over the original BIO Series.

Anyone who has utilized light therapy understands how easily time slips away during treatment. This built-in timer is great for individuals who don’t want to constantly check their phones.

The computerized control panel also allows you to customize your red light therapy experience.

Guarantee and Warranty

They come with a 3-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. However, we still recommend that you take all the information from the seller and also go through the buyer manual before purchasing. 

If you decide the BIOMAX Series isn’t for you and want a refund, expect to pay return postage and hidden restocking fees. Shipping 33-pound equipment isn’t inexpensive, and their 20% restocking fee means you only receive 80% of your money back.

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