Physics HELP??? A submarine is stranded on the bottom of the ocean with its hatch 25.0 m below the surface. Calculate the force needed to..?

A submarine is stranded regarding the base associated with the sea featuring its hatch

Utilizing sea-water thickness of 1,025kg/m^3:
Force above hatch = (1,025 x g x 25m) = 251,125Pa. (g = 9.8 made use of).
Neglect the stress in the sub, since it is add up to air force at area.
Part of hatch = (pi r^2) = pi(0.225^2) = 0.1591m^2.
Energy necessary to open up hatch = (251,125 x 0.1591) = 39,954N., or 39.954kN., approx.

Little. You flood the escape chamber very first by starting a device, when you start the exterior hatch the stress is the identical both edges.
However, if that you don’t realize that and attempt and open up a hatch outwards, then force at level h is rgh in which roentgen may be the liquid thickness and g may be the speed because of gravity. Plus atmospheric force at area, in order that cancels away. After that force = force x location, location is pi*r^2.
Something similar to 4 tonnes power.

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