Phixius or Fixius: WHAT MOVIE IS THIS FROM?

I’m attempting to choose a novel title for my kitten. A reputation from a film popped into my head… and I’m questioning if somebody can work out which film it’s, as a result of I can’t keep in mind. I simply keep in mind that no matter actor stated it…. i’m certain it was a person…. he simply stated slowly…. “Fixius”. For some purpose, Russel Crowe is coming to thoughts… however it may be a totally completely different actor. I additionally assume that possibly Fixius is the title of A) a ship/ship B) a horse and even C) a sword?? I do not assume its the title of an individual. You don’t have any concept how a lot that is puzzling me and I Googled it and I simply can’t discover it. Thanks a lot in case you will help me determine this film quirk out!!!!!

It is from the film The Replacements, and Keanu Reeves says it. It is the title of his boat, Latin for “taking to flight”

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Supply(s): I personal and love that film

Solely factor that involves thoughts relating to Russel Crow is a scene from Gladiator the place he names the 2 horses on his armor chestplate.

Argento and Scarto) could be translated as “Silver” and “Set off”.

lessa was proper…..i believe he stated it meant “giving up the struggle” however it’s undoubtedly from The Replacements and Keanu Reeves.

May or not it’s “Lucius” from Gladiator? That is what popped in my head once I learn that.

Edit: Oh I used to be method off, sorry!!

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