Paint tool Sai Symmetry?

I know what the horizontal flip tool is-

Symmetry Drawing

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sketch book pro has the symmetry feature, but paint tool sai does not

Well there is no tool but an easy option for Windows is:
1. Draw one half of your wanted symmetrical drawing
2. Get out snipping tool and snip your drawing
3. Save your work and open a new canvas
4. ctrl+V your snip into the canvas and use the Flip tool.
5. Snip the flipped drawing and paste it into your original canvas
6. fit it to size
7. your finished!
Its a bit complicated but it works
Its quite complicated but it works


Answer 6

No, there is not.
If you want to “flip” something over, you’ll have to draw it, copy and paste it onto a new layer, flip that layer, and then merge down (as you seem to have been doing).
As far as I know, no image processing software has a feature like that.

Answer 7

Krita has the mirror line tool, but it’s brushes aren’t quiet as advanced as PTS

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