Pablo picasso’s girl before a mirror can best be described as

Pablo picasso’s woman earlier than a mirror can finest be described as

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picasso’s woman earlier than a mirror can finest be described as a illustration of two
concepts, or just it’s a type of dualities. As you look carefully on the
portray, you’ll be able to see two completely different photos of a lady or girl. Essentially the most
apparent distinction is the facial features. The primary one portrays a lady who
gave the impression to be calm and light-hearted whereas the woman on the mirror appears to be like gloomy
and burdensome. The portray additionally depicts a lady who’s all dolled up whereas the
different one portrays the looks of a lady which is kind of darkish and heavy in
colour. Which means that the primary picture of the woman reveals how a girl reveals
herself in public whereas the opposite one explains the girl’s internal feeling which
folks don’t normally discover.

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the reply is counterpoint. counterpoint definition: “the artwork or strategy of taking part in a melody or melodies along side one other, in response to fastened guidelines.” counterpoint is current in a number of baroque music- comparable to bach (notably his wtc prelude and fugues) and scarlatti, however may also be present in music by mozart, beethoven. it might even be present in music as fashionable as john williams!

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Ireally do not know the reply

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