One Piece: Should I skip Z’s Ambition Filler Arc?

About to finish Fishman Island and want to finish Punk Hazard by 2014. Should I skip Z? If I do, what will I miss?

It’s not written in the manga. So I guess it’s okay if you want to skip it. You wouldn’t miss a thing.
It’s just some kind of prologue of One piece 12th movie: One Piece Film Z. If you want to watch that movie, it’s not futile to also watch the Z’s Ambition filler arc. They’re pretty much connected.

Hi, yes do skip it you if only want to get on with the main story. I just skipped the master z fillers and go straight to punk harzard. Watch the master z fillers only if you are planning to watch one piece film z. Otherwise, its okay to just skip it. on a side note punk harzard is a great arc. Look forward to catching on the excitement.
One piece film z:

Master Z One Piece

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Yup, it’s not important at all unless you want to watch One Piece Film Z. (Actually, even if you want to watch Film Z, Z’s Ambition arc still isn’t that important – it just lays some of the groundwork and background context of the movie.)

Since it’s filler, go on ahead about skipping but Z was said to be awesome so maybe you should watch.

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Thankyou all for your answers and opinions!

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