On the inside of my ring it says 18KGE how much are they worth?

I have a Gold ring that my grandmother found and gave to me on the inside it says 18 KG.E are these rings worth anything? And is it fake or real?

It means 18 karat gold electroplate. The 18 Karat means 75% gold. But the “ge” means that the gold has been applied to the surface of another metal using an electrical process. The ring is not solid gold. With use the gold plating can start to wear off and you will notice a dulling or see the underlying metal showing through.

Mainly sentimental value, not worth much. The E stands for electroplated. So it is 18K Gold, but only plated on the outside. Not solid.

Ditto the above answers, even Matthew (you know I can never stay mad at you, babe). Is Y!A on the blink or something? Seem to be getting a lot of non pertinent questions being diverted here.

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