On a stove dial from 1 to 10, what should “simmer” be?

Obviously, I’m not a cook, but I’m trying to prepare beans. I’m supposed to simmer them for about 2 hours. The stove has burner dials that go from 1 to 10… what is a good number for a simmer setting?

Simmer is a low setting but it’s hard to say just what number you should be on. If you’re using an electric stove, a simmer setting could be 1 or 4; a gas stove might be 2 or 4…
If you are cooking dried beans and need to simmer them, then you should have the heat just high enough to have gentle bubbling on the surface – preferably not just on the edges of the pot, but all across the surface. If you’re using gas, the you can bring the beans to a rolling boil and then turn them down until you achieve gentle bubbling — small bubbling, not big boiling bubbling. If you’re using electric, bring them to the boil and turn them down a couple of notches. Wait a couple of minutes and check the bubbling level. If they’re still really busy, turn down a couple more notches, wait a couple more minutes and check the bubbling activity again.
When you achieve gentle bubbling, you can leave the beans alone, but check occaisionally to make sure there’s enough liquid so they don’t dry out and burn.
Hint: if you do scorch them, pour immediately to another pot — DO NOT scrape the bottom of the pan!!!! Add a little vinegar to the beans to mask any scorched taste (this only works if you haven’t burnt them too badly).

1 or 2

2 or 3

I would start by heating the beans on setting 4 until they are warm or almost hot.. then turn down the stove to 1 or 2 for them to simmer.

ok here goes if one gives you nothing ,i mean no bubbles then turn it up to 2 one is the lowest on the stove then going up ok so make sure you keep some water in it but dont go to high or the beans wont come out good ,make sure you check them fairly regularly so they dont stick add salt very carefully just add a bit then taste dont over do it and add the salt about an hour from when you start them.good luck

Answer 6

There is not a set number – since you also have to take into account the volume of the food you’re trying to simmer…

Answer 7

between 3 and 5

Ignore the dial numbers and go by what the pot is doing.
Bring to the boil and reduce heat.
You want the water and beans to bubble gently for the time described.

1 is the lowest.

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