Noho, New York: Top 5 Healthy Eating Restaurants

If you’re a New Yorker, you must also be a foodie. However, city life also demands paying attention to health and well-being. Therefore, you must eat and do it healthily

But can you ignore the delightful cravings? 

We know it isn’t easy. 

What if we give you a list of five places that serve all your delicious delicacies and take care of your health?

The Healthy List Of Restaurants

Given below are 5 top restaurants in NoHo, New York, that you must try for a healthy and lip-smacking meal:

1. David’s Cafe

David’s Cafe is a French-American restaurant serving dishes like steak fries, pork chops, and an award-winning Burger Queen in a rustic-chic setting. David’s serves primarily French cuisine in a relaxed one-room setting in the East Village. You should visit this restaurant for one of the greatest burgers in the area, which is made with two thin, charred patties, American cheese, and a toasted sesame seed bun. They also serve steak, tartare, and mussels with fries. Use the pile of fries that come with the burger as a dipping surface by asking for additional special sauce on the side.

2. Bond Street

In NoHo, BondST is a trendy restaurant with a warm minimalist interior. They preserve the client’s health and hygiene while serving fresh Japanese cuisine with Asian and European characteristics. BondST invites guests to explore its three distinct floors, which are housed in a classic brownstone in the SoHo neighborhood. The sushi bar and banquettes of the BondST lounge are tucked away in little nooks and corners, creating a pleasant and exclusive atmosphere. It may be found on the first floor. 

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The restaurant offers a funky sushi bar on the main level and a bar with views of Bond Street in NoHo. It has a joyful 75-seat dining room. On the second story, there is a private tatami room that may be reserved for special occasions, as well as a stylish and inviting dining area.

3. The Smile

The Smile is a branch of Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte’s well-known downtown diner, The Smile. Melia Marden, the chef/partner, prepares wholesome and delectable Mediterranean-influenced cuisine with regularly changing seasonal ingredients. 

The Smile focuses on delivery and offers standard fare, including rotisserie chicken, seasonal salads, sandwiches, and veggies. There is also a sizable assortment of baked products from the on-site bakery at The Smile.

There are little bites like goat cheese with olive oil and herbs, a fantastic pickle plate, and three dips with a Greek influence. Unfortunately, there are just five entrees in total. Neither a burger nor mac and cheese are included in the list, for this place is dedicated to healthy and nutritious servings. While roast chicken is glazed in balsamic vinegar, tender lamb meatballs float in a tomato sauce flavored with ras-el-hanout.

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4. Honeybrains

This health-food based NoHo café strongly emphasizes brain and brain wellness; a neurologist even provided menu consultation. The owners of Honeybrains’ sister company think that consuming various fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and omega-3 fatty acids is the ideal fuel for maximum brain health. 

And we had no idea the two flavors could taste so nice together. One of our favorite city take-out meals is the seeded sourdough toast from Honeybrains.

The tahini, raw honey, date, and sesame seed spread are ideal when you’re in the mood for something a bit sweet. The smoked salmon toast, topped with crisp cucumber and a thick layer of labneh, is the true star, though. 

We could consume it daily. Instead, juices are fiber-infused, and whenever we stop by, we usually pick up a couple of jars of raw honey, which is acquired from ethical apiaries.

5. Indochine

One of those locations where you can always count on getting what you expect is Indochine. However, many extremely elegant people are engaged in activities other than dining in the quirky, outdated space. 

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The relatively mediocre Pan-Asian cuisine pales in comparison to the atmosphere. Many meals on the menu are excellent enough to eat and drink. Try the fried spring rolls, the duck with a glaze, or the filet mignon with a coconut milk sauce.

Indochina is one of New York’s first places to be seen or forgotten. This restaurant, which opened in 1984 and has long been a favorite of New Yorkers and tourists everywhere, is a timeless classic. More than three decades later, the martini, fried spring rolls, and spicy shrimp are all still standing.

Where Are You Visiting?

Now that you have the list of all the top healthy restaurants in your city, it’s time to pick one. 

Read the reviews online if you don’t believe us. Then, try one after the other and let us know which one you like the best. 

Comment and share your thoughts in the section below!

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