Need help with this physics problem asap!!! Projectile motion anyone?

A soldier is tasked with measuring the muzzle velocity of a new rifle. Knowing the principles of projectile motion, he decides to perform a simple experiment at the indoor firing range. The soldier hangs a target a distance of d = 104 m from the end of the barrel. The rifle is mounted so that the bullet exits moving horizontally at the same height as the bullseye. After 6 trials, the soldier tabulates the values he measured for the distance, h, from the bullseye to the bullet strike. What is the most accurate muzzle velocity that the soldier can report to his sergeant?

I would just average the h values:
H = 40.23cm / 6 = 6.705 cm

and then use H = ½at²
0.06705 m = ½ * 9.8m/s² * t²
t = 1.17 s

and finally
V = d / t = 104m / 1.17s = 88.9 m/s

Alternatively, you could calculate the 6 velocities and then average those — but I think you’d get a different answer.

Hope this helps!

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