Need for cc Sims 3, but I can’t find the file…?

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No matter how much I look, I can’t find the file “” (to get a .package file in Sims 3) and the Mod the Sims website is down for a few days. Do you know where I could find the file (64 bit) or should I just wait 2-3 days for the site?

You can’t find that file because it isn’t needed any more — the Sims wiki is outdated.. The framework file you found will work, but you don’t need the “files” folder. The mods folder only needs a package folder with all of your CC in it, and an independent file called resource.cfg. The resource.cfg file tells the game where to find all of your CC. So, make the Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 3>Mods folder. You need to put 2 things in here. First is the resource.cfg file. If you don’t have it already, you can download one at…

There are 3 in there, but the one dated 6/13/2010 will let you put folders inside other folders within the Mods folder — really handy when you start getting a lot of CC and need to keep it all sorted. The other thing you need is the packages folder. This is where you put all of your custom content. The Sims3packs will still have to be installed with the launcher, but all of your package files go in this folder. That’s all there is to it. Somebody really needs to update that Wiki — I went through the same problem you’re having not that long ago. Now I have almost 800 package files in my game, spread out in 27 different folders!

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Sims 3 Framework

It in the wrong spot It should be inside your mods folder under package files.

i cant find anything in…

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Need for cc Sims 3, but I can’t find the file…?

If you’re looking for the file for cc Sims 3, you may be having trouble finding it. This file is required in order to use custom content (cc) in Sims 3, but it can be difficult to track down. Here’s a guide on where to look for the file and how to install it.

How to find the file for Sims 3

If you’re looking for the file for Sims 3, you can find it in the “Game” folder of your Sims 3 installation directory.

Once you’ve located the file, double-click on it to open it. Inside, you’ll find the “Sims3” folder which contains all of the game’s files.

Why the file is important

The file is important because it includes the files necessary to run the cc Sims. Without this file, the cc Sims will not work properly.

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2. How to find the file

The file can be found on the official website of the cc Sims. It is located in the “Downloads” section of the website.

How to install the file

If you need the file for cc Sims, you can find it on the official website. Just go to the download page and scroll down to the bottom. You will find the link to the file there.

Once you have downloaded the file, open it and extract the contents to a folder on your computer. Then open the folder and double-click on the “Install” file. This will install the file and add it to your game.

What to do if you can’t find the file

If you’re looking for the file for cc Sims but can’t seem to find it, there are a few things you can do.

First, check the official website for The Sims 4. On the website, there is a section called “Downloads” where you can find all of the game’s files and downloads. If the file is not listed there, it may be because it is not available for download at this time.

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Another option is to search for the file on popular file-sharing websites such as Mediafire or Mega. These websites often have game files that are not available on the official website. However, be sure to check that the file you download is safe and virus-free before opening it.

If you still can’t find the file, you may need to wait until it is made available by The Sims 4 team. Unfortunately, there is no set release date for when this file will be available. However, keep checking the official website and file-sharing websites for any updates.


If you’re looking for for cc Sims 3, there are a few places you can check. First, try searching for the file on popular download sites like CNET or Softonic. If you can’t find it there, try contacting the game’s developer directly and asking if they have a copy of the file available for download.

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