Need a funny catchy name for a bus.?

Come on you witty people. Any good comics out there??.

Round & Round

The naming of your business could be one of the most important decisions you will make. A name’s originality and legal availability will create a real asset value of its own, as it becomes marketed and gains market acceptance.
The name you choose will become the focal point of all the benefits and features that relate to your business. Customers will be able to find and refer others to it in the future.
Since any names that are suggested here may already be owned by another party, I wanted to go a different route…
I suggest either hiring a name creation firm or get together with your friends and/or family and throw a “name party” & have everyone bounce some ideas around. Compile a listing of names that you like the best. Once you have that list, do as much free research as you can before you delve into comprehensive research.
I listed some links where you can do some preliminary name checking. However, please be aware that this is merely scratching the surface of what’s out there.
Only comprehensive research will tell you if the name is truly available. But, these links are free & a great place to start, so I’d try them out first.
Comprehensive research consists of looking at marks that are similar in Sound, Appearance or Meaning in the pending & registered Federal AND State trademark files as well as the US National Common-Law files.
There are other sites that offer free searching capabilities in conjunction with their commercial services, so I’m not able to post those links due to the Yahoo! TOS. You’ll also want to check domain names & yellow pages, so simply do a search for “free domain name search” and “national yellowpages” and the appropriate links will pop up.
Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

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Party Bus Names

For the best answers, search on this site
Depending on what your website is about some of these may not work: If it is about you choose one of these: (your name)Funky Fresh Since (year born) Funky Fresh (your name) (your name) is a monkey on your back (your name) is gonna pierce her brain Website names NOT about you: Move B’itch (random I know) Sleep with the enemy Riding in a corvette with a dinosaur hangs her chain low Battle the evil monkeys Halo is a game for those with extreme thumb skills Thumb skills of a pro gamer Ride the short bus,we have Crayons Love is the elevator Power Rangers, brought the world together Barney is for those w/o lives Eat at Ryan’s, they dont charge by the pound NBA is way worse than the WNBA. (and thats sayng a lot) War is like the Yankees/Red Sox. Ya wish ya could be a part of the battle. Uhm that is all I could think of, but I would love best answer, I mean I gave you a HUGE variety.

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Are you talking about regular buses? Cause in Vancouver, British Columbia, they instigated these Shuttle Buses in 2001. My friends and I came up with multiple names for them, and I’m sure you can use them for regular buses as well. (Shuttle Buses can only carry about thirty people, compared to the seventy-five a regular bus can carry.)
Sh*t on Four Wheels
Shuttle Sh*t
Rumble Bus
Shaky Bus
Smaller, Crappy Bus Version 2.0
Pus Bus

Answer 6

Banana Mobile

Answer 7

oh boy-let’s see..Magic Carpet Ride…Da Fun Bus…….Mystery Machine….Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang……Stop yer’ cussin’ and gets to Bussin’……..Wonderbus……Babe the big Blue Bus….Shot in the Dark transport…
it kind’ve depends on what events and what kind of bus it is..if it’s an old yellow school bus then ‘Stella-Yella’ would work..or ‘the short bus’….
hope this gives ya some ideas!!

Totally Busted

Bus Tee.

It’s open to discussion there are in fact several potential answers to the question..

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