Name the major arc and find its measure.?


In geometry, the major arc is a line segment that is the longest of a given pair of arcs in a given plane. The measure of a major arc is the distance between its ends. Today we are going to learn about the Pythagorean theorem and how it can be used to find the measure of a major arc.

The Concept of Arc Length

The concept of arc length is one that is often used in mathematics and physics. Basically, arc length is the distance between two points on a curve or arc. Arc length can be measured in terms of either degrees or radians. Degrees are the most common measure of arc length, while radians are used in some scientific disciplines such as astronomy.

Finding the Major Arc Length

In geometry, the major arc length is the length of a major arc, which is a curved line that crosses two or more given points. The measure of a major arc can be found by using the Pythagorean theorem.

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Converting Arc Length to Miles and Centimeters

Arc length can be converted to miles and centimeters by dividing the arc length by 360 degrees. Arc length in miles can be found by multiplying the arc length by 1,600. Arc length in centimeters can be found by multiplying the arc length by 0.3906.


Arc measures can vary depending on the perspective, but in general, the major arc is the longest line that connects two points on a curve. The measure of an arc is the distance between its two points.



What is the major arc of a ellipse?

The major arc of an ellipse is the longest distance from the center of the ellipse to any point on its edge. The measure of this arc is called the semi-major axis.

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