Mycenaean Greece became more powerful after

Mycenaean Greece became more powerful after a. ​creating trade networks with Egypt b. ​war with Persia. c. ​destruction of Crete d. ​political consolidation in. ​the Dark Ages

Mycenaean Greeks became more powerful after destruction of Crete. Option c Explanation: The Civilization of Mycenaean in the ancient Greece is considered to be the last phase of the bronze age with the span of 1600–1100 BC. The civilization was named after the most prominent area called the Mycenae in Argolid. The first wave of destruction in their mainland occurred in 1250 BC due to few unidentified reasons. The second and final destruction happened on 1190 BC which marked the end of the whole civilization. They are known to be the first human to speak the Greek language. They were majorly influenced by the people of earlier Minoan civilization which was situated on Crete island.

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d. all of the above are true.

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