My work is asking for a doctors note. Can Walgreens clinic provide one?

I called out sick today because I woke up with horrible migraine. This is only the 2nd time I’ve ever had one and the first time was over 2 years ago. My work is asking me to bring a doctors note but I am unable to go to my doctor today (he is booked till the year end). Can I go to walgreens clinic to get a doctors note? Would that be sufficient?

Call walgreens and ask if there is even anything they can do for a headache. I think they only treat colds and minor cuts. Then call your work and tell them you can’t get into doctors.

Cvs Doctors Note

It would really be up to your employer. What they are looking for is that your illness was severe enough to warrant getting it treated. A visit to the Take Care Clinic may or may not satisfy your employer.

It is not “expoliting” the health care system. You don’t have to make your doctor “forge” a note. She is not asking her doctor to say her animal is a certified service animal. A note for a companion pet is different and much more simple. I got one for my daughter because of her family history of mental instability. Best bet is to talk to your doctor and your landlord. Your landlord should have a document they can fax to your doctor to get a signature and authorize the companion pet.

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I would try an urgent care or immediate care clinic you should just be able to go without an appointment and they will be able to give you a dr.’s note.
I don’t think a walgreens clinic could write you one, but I would try there only as a last resort.

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