My Vick’s Vaporizer is spitting water?

it is spitting water and it’s HOT water to is there a fix or a reason why?

Make sure its water is at the proper level, to high or to low can cause problems with the steam.
Next check and see if hard water deposits have started to form on it.
If you use tap water it may contain a lot of minerals (hardness) and when the machine makes steam these minerals stay on the internal bits of the steam chamber and other nearby areas.
If you do see mineral build up you may be able to clear it.
Unplug the machine and gently try to dislodge any deposits with an ice pick or other thin metal tool.
You can try using vinegar to dissolve the hardness by filling the water chamber of the unplugged machine with it and letting is sit (this can take a long time).

No salt added, and mine spits like a whale. Everyone says use distilled water, oh yeah, I m rich I can do that.

it will do that if you put to much water in it

It will also do that if you add too much salt.

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