My son is an atheist, how do I set him straight and tell him that he is wrong?

yesterday my son told me he does not believe in Jesus Christ. and so I hit him, my dad would have hit me if I told him that god wasn’t real, so I did the same to him. you should never question god, everything that I have taught him since he was born is now all wasted, . he is going to to go to hell and there’s nothing I can do. I have now taken away his privileges and he is no longer allowed to play video games, play sports, or go outside with his friends, he will be locked in his room until he believes in god again. this is the only way for me to save his soul, I think i might have went a little overboard on hitting him, but I can let him burn for eternity, hes turning his back on god, telling me that he believes that we came from monkeys, and that science has a better explanation to why we are here. Satan is trying to trick my son into believing that satanic evolution nonsense. I tried to talk to my pastor and told me that I did the right thing by hiting my son and grounding him, but what do you think i should do?

Sir if your dad did something that did something that did not make sense, you’re going to follow him or question the act? You cannot make someone believe in God. God has to draw that person to himself. To slap him and try to force God on him iks only going to make your son resent you.
Have you thought about that? It will. I would think as a parent that’s the last thing you want to do.
Do you remember KIng David’s son Solomon? David was a born again christian man for sure. The bible states this and his son was awful. So, I would think he also taught his son about the bible and God. Why would he not?We cannot force anyone to praise God just because we praise him. Yes, it’s terrible your son say he doesn’t believe in God. God created him. But slapping him around is not going to convince him that God is real. Praying will help more than anything, if God so wills it to be.
I hope you think about this sir. Our parents do a lot of things to us when we’re growing up, but I would chose the positive things they did, rather than the negative. Think about it.
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You are extremely backwards this is 2011 if he doesn’t want to believe in god right now then fine. But it wont do you any good to try to force the idea that there is a god down his throat or else hell just rebel even more. And really there is no evidence that there is a god but there is however evidence that we did evolve from monkeys. You are incredibly messed up though so i doubt this reason will get to you.

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Don’t lock your son in his room all day that’s not going to do any good. If you lock him in his room all day because he likes the color blue and not pink that won’t make him like the color pink any more in fact he’d like pink less. Your son should not be punished by his beliefs! You wouldn’t want to be now would you! Just explain to him why you are disappointed in him not believing in God but don’t spit on his beliefs! Don’t teach your child to discriminate against other religions and faiths! He has a right to express himself just as much as you do!

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Your son has a right to make his own decision about what he believes in. It’s not right to try to force him into believing in what you believe. Give him a bit of time. It could just be a phase. And hitting him was absolutely not the right thing to do,

Dude, you have have been given to be a troll. while you’re no longer, i know that forcing him to do all that stuff isn’t gonna help him. you are able to desire to coach him some unconditional love. a incredible quote i will think of of is “pontificate the gospel as generally as available. If mandatory, use words.” the terrific thank you to alter your son’s techniques is thru living like Jesus, no longer shoving Christian media down his throat.

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Read anything by Bart Ehrman PhD.
Verily I say unto thee, the Jesus story is a myth.
Rev. Neil

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Tell him the one about the angry giant in the magical garden with the talking animals again.

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Call child protective services, explain all of this to them. They’ll provide many useful tips to you.

Everybody drink!

lol I love a good troll here and there, it’s needed to laugh at religion even more then I do already.

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