my sister is taller than me and she`s younger?

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m a boy im 14 im 5`4 and my shoe size is only 8 my one 13 year old sister is 5`11 when she wears heels though she`s like 6`3 I hate it when she does that then i really feel tiny lol and she wears a 11 she grew like 6 inches in one year. I woke up one day and i had to look up at my younger sister for fun the one day she wanted me to see if i could fit in her shoes and they were huge on me she just laughed I think she`s enjoying this but I hate it. I can`t even pick her up but she can pick me up easily. she says your light as a feather i said well i should be because of my size and im not fat so thts why. when ever we mess around she always wins because she is stronger than me im kind of intimidated by her because she my younger sister and i should be bigger but i really don`t mind being the smaller one i like it but i don`t understand why. Will i ever catch up to her height?

Genes. Someone in your family must be tall, or she went through puberty earlier than you. My sister is 17 and 5’3 while I’m 15 and 5’7

Don’t worry my brother .
i am giving you some tips you can try it would be helpful for you growth.
1>Good exercise: this is really a good way of growing height naturally as quick movements from the body part increases your body to secret more of growth hormones. Also your legs are the part which benefits a lot from these quick movements as this strengthens your muscles etc.
Hanging Exercise: it is said to be one of the best exercise to hang with your hands resting on top of wither a wall or something. It helps in lengthening your back as well as legs. It helps in filling your vertebra with more of bones but you must take precaution while hanging, you must not exceed the time limit above twenty minutes.

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my sister is taller than me and she`s younger?

There are definitely times in our lives when we feel like we don’t measure up to the people around us. Maybe we’re shorter than most of our friends, or maybe we’ve got a sibling who seems to be taller than us by a mile. But no matter how tall or short you may feel on the inside, there’s always something to be proud of when it comes to your family – your siblings are probably some of the best people in your life. Plus, they can often teach you some pretty valuable lessons!

What are the different reasons why a sister may be taller than her brother?

There are many different reasons why a sister may be taller than her brother. One reason could be that the sister is growing more rapidly than her brother and this leads to her being taller. Another reason could be that the sister has a genetic disposition to be taller, meaning that height is passed down from parents to children. Additionally, some sisters may be taller than their brothers as a result of spending more time in heels or wearing high-heeled shoes. Finally, another reason could be that the brother spent more time playing on the ground as a child which might have resulted in him being shorter than his sisters.

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How can a brother try to make up for his shorter stature?

There is no one easy answer when it comes to trying to make up for a shorter stature, but one important way to feel better about yourself is to do things that make you happy. For brothers, this might mean spending time with one another, taking on activities that interest you both, or simply being there for each other. No matter what you do, remember that being short doesn’t have to be a negative thing – it can be a source of empowerment and strength!

Ways to measure a person’s height and what to do if your sister is taller than you

There are a few ways to measure someone’s height. One way is to use a measuring tape. Another way is to use an rulers. If your sister is taller than you, there are a few things you can do to make her feel shorter. You can try to make her stand next to a wall or have someone else help you with the measurement. You can also try to find clothes that are smaller size than what she usually wears.


If your sister is taller than you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s older. Although based on averages, siblings tend to be shorter than their parents, there are plenty of exceptions to the rule. If your sister is taller than you and younger by years (or any other age difference), genetics could likely play a role in her height; however, her diet and lifestyle could also contribute. Ultimately, if you’re concerned about your sister’s height and feel like it’s causing problems between the two of you, talk to her about it. She might be open to hearing what you have to say and can work together to find a solution that works for both of you.

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Swimming: you must have seen so many swimmers who really have a good height with them. Swimming is an intact and a very

2> Balanced Diet: Balanced diet is very much necessary for the growth of our body. Metabolism is a very necessary thing for the growth of our body. As metabolism is working, much of the growth hormone is produced and it helps in growth of your body.
Higher metabolism means good blood circulation which in turn increases more chance for the body growth to occur.

I do these the entire thing that’s why I got 168 cm tall.

I know your pain. My younger sister is taller and stronger too. Im boy 15 and my sister is 12. Im 1.60 and she is 1.70.

Join the ‘my younger sibling is bigger than me’ club. (metaphoric) I’m in it too!
Although, she is on the overweight side so I don’t feel as bad. I can beat her up too. In the end it doesn’t even matter. Sorry to sound ‘icky’ but girls go through ‘changes’ younger than boys. When you go through these ‘changes’ then you will surpass her in growth.

do not consider that as big problem, instead be happy you have a taller sister.

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