My mom doesn’t feed me?

Basically, my Mom doesn’t go shopping often, well, like once every 5 months or something, like, literally, she hasn’t even been shopping this year, I ask her too, and she says there is food in the home, but there really isn’t, I ask her for a take-away or Mcdonalds, she says no, She literally does not feed me, Like around 20 minutes ago (atm its 1:03 in the UK) I went downstairs and asked to make food, and she said no it’s too late, which is kind of understandable, but then she said “Anyways, you’ve had loads of food today, you had some fries with a MINI pizza”… then normally i’d just shutup but this time I said “Mom, that is 1 meal, 1 meal a day…” so I’m sick of this, if I ask her to get food, she normally gets angry.. I don’t know what to do, I can’t get a job, i’ve tried, there’s no way, I’m left practically starving every night, I’m a 5ft 2” male and I weight 6.5 stone, idk if this is normal, but I’ve tried talking to her and she just gets angry, or says ‘there is food, there’s freezer meals’ but I don’t want to live on freezer food, I want real meals, and real food,

This is called neglect and it’s a type of child abuse. You need to contact the authorities. You should not have to live in this kind of environment. Lack of proper nutrition could have long-lasting effects on you. I am so sorry that you are going through this. My wife stays home with our children and they get a hot breakfast every morning, packed lunch for school and hot meal every evening. My wife and I work together making the meals (I like to cook). We feed them rice dishes, lean meats, pastas, homemade soups, salads and things like that. Occasionally we will go to Mcdonalds like once every two months (because it’s not nutritional…more of a treat). I had to fend for myself quite a bit when I was a kid but noway like you. Talk to some loving and caring family memebers, too, if you have some. Good luck and God bless you!

My mom does the same exact thing and calls me fat on top of that. And I am 20. It’s painful. I’m always angry and bored and miserable at home. I tell other adults and therapists this but they are all on her side. Someone please help me. I can’t live like this anymore.

this is a serious problem.
is there no food in the house just because she is lazy or are u guys poor?
either way she sounds abusive u should call the cops…but before that i would go to ur school and talk to a guidance counselor there so that they can help u out and told u what u should say. Dont just call the cops on ur own because in my experiences they can make u look like a crazy rebellious child real quick.
when i was younger i went thru similar situations many times and each time my parents made me look like idiots in front of the police saying that i was just rebellious and wanted to get them in truble. This was not true. There was real abuse going on that i could not get out of because the cops thought i was lying.
So my advice to u speak to someone so that they can tell u exactly what to say. Ur guidance counselor might even be able to call the cops with you.

This is neglect which is a form of child abuse. Please talk to a teacher, school counsellor, a friend’s parent, or even go to a police station. There is no excuse for your mother to behave this way. I am soooo sorry you have to go through this. You do not deserve it. And on a side note, your anger and agitation very possibly is a result of your malnutrition. You need to see a doctor and get a very thorough physical and some blood work to make sure you do not have any health related issues do to the malnutrition.

Guess what, buddy? My mom doesn’t feed me either :/

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I think that you should just straight out tell your mom that unless she starts providing your normal food on a regular basis that you are going to report her to the authorities. I mean, what can she do, make you go to bed without a meal? She’s already doing that. Just be prepared to do it because it just might come down to that. This is definitely not normal. I mean, geez, most people go to the grocery store at least once a week!

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Tell someone around you to help you friends family
because really your mom is retarded
She is not feeding you and that is what a mom is suppose to do to a child sense the minute they were born and then leave the house as they grow older
You can call the police on her if you like because it is a very serious matter

You are just like me. whenever i want to go to the store, my mom won’t let me but when i don’t want to go to the store they tell me to go. like for instant today, i have money to get something to eat since my mom haven’t been grocery shopping in a long time. My brother tells me to do something for him and when i come back they pulls off and they left without me leaving me here to watch my spoiled nieces. They ask me to do something for me whenever i’m doing something important. Whenever i turn around, i see them. I told them to get me something from the store since they ditched me. My mom promised she will but when they come back, they are empty-handed. This causes me to get mad. Whenever i’m hungry, they tell me to fix me something to eat. all i ate today was some crackers and drank water. They are treating me like a pet. but then tomorrow since it is my last day of winter break, they said they are taking me to the store just to get me some shoes so that i look good for school. My mom always makes promises but she don’t do them. What should i do???

Maybe she doesn’t have any money left for food after all the bills are paid….I know I don’t….rent, gas, car insurance, cell phone bill, food for cats, car maintainence, not to mention the money taken out of my check for insurance, I owe the IRS, my parents, my son needs new socks, underwear, shoes (always needs new shoes), I don’t get any child support….it’s tough….I haven’t been able to go to the grocery store for about a month. I get a few dollars together every now and then and go to the store to get meat to cook for dinner, but my son doesn’t know I don’t eat most days while he’s school, at least he gets a meal at school (can’t be great, I know). I eat beans and rice alot because it’s cheap. You need to learn to cook cheap stuff like that cuz you can make lots of it and freeze it for later in several small containers. That’s what I do. I am sorry your mom hasn’t been taking good care of you, but maybe you should cut her some slack. It’s hard to support a family, even a family of just two people. Offer to cook and clean up if she will just get the food….otherwise, snatch some money from her purse and run to the nearest grocery store, make your purchases and squirrel away your goodies. A person has to eat…


Okay, you say your mom hasn’t shopped in awhile. Then where is the freezer meals coming from. You can try to cook up something yourself with what you can find. You can get a little money from somewhere if you are able to buy fries and a mini pizza. Buy yourself something. Cooking it yourself is way cheaper than eating out. You don’t say your age. Does your school serve breakfast and lunch. If so, eat as much as possible. We can’t change people and your mom doesn’t seem willing to change. That means the change has to come from you. Sorry.

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