Meaning of the Killers’ Spaceman Lyrics?

Does anyone out there have a better idea of what this song is about? At first glance I thought it was an alien abduction like everyone else says but then after thinking about it, it almost sounds like he overdosed and was laying there waiting to die when they rushed in and saved him and he changed his mind:

That makes a lot of sense. It’s better than anything I’ve heard, Besides, no song interpretation is completely 100% true unless the writer wrote the interp or says it’s correct, so you should interpret it anyway that makes you happy.You have as much a right as anyone else.

Spaceman Lyrics

brandon vegetation is one among my in demand lyricists, he’s extremely proficient and is effective to maintain you questioning! from what ive interpreted i’ve got self assurance that this music is a pair of guy who tried to kill himself and he only approximately died and the journey is now haunting him. and the full dream maker spaceman ingredient is approximately what human beings say while they have close to dying stories.. some say they see a “white gentle” and human beings declare that voices are calling them in the direction of the vivid gentle and the spaceman is skeptical approximately all of that he believes in the scientific information and blames the white gentle on psychological information saying its all on your head look down on the earth its only a planet.. he would not have self assurance in heaven or hell.. i’m hoping that made experience! haha its incredibly annoying to get interior somebody else’s head while reading lyrics yet that’s what i think of he’s relating. attempt reading them back with this in the decrease back of your recommendations.. i think of it will make extra effective experience

mah i reckon your pretty close to the mark. an alien abduction doesnt really fit its almost like he was actually in the hospital and something went wrong so they started workin fast on them idn maybe… lol

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