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I tried to find English translation, but coulndt. Though i found that

Enya did not pen, nor sing that song for Gladiator.
She was asked to, but she declined. So another artist penned and sang that song in the likeness of Enya, Lisa Gerrard.
As to the meaning – I’ve been looking all over for it, and have not found anything on it either. Some people have said that it is not actually in any language, that those are just musical sounds made up. Only “shalom” and bits of pieces of words are actual words in this song.
Good luck!

Now We Are Free Lyrics

This song is sung by Kelly Sweet on her “We Are One” album; Shalom is Hebrew and means “peace.” “Shaddai” is another Hebrew word for G-d for his trait of mastery over nature and hidden miracles.

Shalom means good bye

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Enya is an Irish singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. “Now We Are Free” is a song from the film Gladiator. The lyrics are written by Enya and Roma Ryan, and the music is composed by Enya and Nicky Ryan. The song was released as a single on December 5, 2000.

Origins of the song

“Now We Are Free” is a song by Enya, released in 2003. The lyrics were written by Roma Ryan, and the music was composed by Nicky Ryan. The song was used as the closing credits theme for the film Gladiator.

The song is based on a Hebrew melody called “Ani Ma’amin”, which was composed by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Ryan heard the melody while attending a wedding in Israel, and she later asked Carlebach’s permission to use it in her own song.

The lyrics of “Now We Are Free” are based on the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Ryan has said that she wanted the song to convey the feeling of hope and freedom that comes from finally being liberated from oppression.

Meaning of the lyrics

ENYA is a singer, songwriter, and musician from Ireland. She is known for her ethereal and otherworldly music, which often features lyrics in multiple languages. “Now We Are Free” is a song from her album A Day Without Rain. The lyrics of the song are written in Hebrew, English, and Latin, and they speak of a time when peace will reign and all people will be free.

The title of the song, “Anol Shalom”, comes from a Hebrew phrase meaning “peace be unto you”. This is fitting, as the lyrics talk about a time when there will be peace on earth. In the first verse, Enya sings about how the world has been burdened by war and hatred for far too long. She asks for a time when all people can put aside their differences and live in peace.

The second verse speaks of a time when the world will be healed. Enya sings of how nature will be at peace, with animals living in harmony and no more fear or pain. She also talks about how people will finally be able to understand each other, regardless of language or culture.

The third verse is a prayer for peace. Enya asks for a time when

Popularity of the song

“Now We Are Free” is a haunting and beautiful song with lyrics that are both uplifting and heartbreaking. The song was popularized by the film “Gladiator”, and has since become an anthem for freedom and hope. The lyrics of “Now We Are Free” speak to the human experience of struggle and triumph, and the need for love and compassion in a world that can be so cruel.


ENYA’s “Now We Are Free” lyrics are about the triumph of the human spirit. The song speaks to the strength and resilience of the human soul, and how we can overcome any obstacle when we are united. It is a powerful anthem of hope and courage, and it is sure to inspire anyone who hears it. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and learn about the meaning of ENYA’s “Now We Are Free” lyrics.

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