“May the lord smile and the devil have mercy” What does this mean?

We are all looking for a break. It would be nice if the powers that be(Good and Evil) took a day off and just let us be for a moment.

It is a plain prayer of the Satanists group who believe more to the power of Satan than the power of God.

Songs get caught interior my head all of the time yet now which you think of that it comes on every time you say the prayer, it truly is going to come on on account which you assume it too. do no longer subject approximately it! Now it truly is purely your recommendations enjoying slightly trick on you

I don’t know. I have never heard of it and it most certainly is not in the Word of God. May God Bless U.

Good question. *pondering*
In short terms…
The Lord be grateful/(good call it what you will) to one, and the Devil not lower one.

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Answer 6

I agree with Dis Dain, It sounds Irish to me.
Nobody’s perfect, luckily we have grace.

Answer 7

Never heard that one.

its nothing i would base my life on …

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