“Mama Mel Bicho” What does this mean? Chip Tha Ripper?

I’m listening to Chip and don’t know what the phrase means. Also, is the spelling correct?

in the words of my favorit rappers 3six maffia, it means to “slob on my knob.” litterallytranslated means “ꜱᴜcκ on my bug”

No it doesn’t…I took too many years of Spanish to know that the correct breakdown of the words properly translate down to Mama = Mother, Mel= just a name, Bicho= Bit*h So they are probably saying something about somebodys Mother being some kind of bit*h. Where this guy got the translation above I’d love to know, perhaps in fairy tale land!!
Peace, Love & Happiness

Chip tha ripper is dope as fck, but he’s like a two hit wonder. his freestyle nd catch the beat.

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