maintainment is a word isn’t it?

In accordance with the Oxford English Dictionary its a term however it is categorized as uncommon and obscure. Its basically similar to upkeep which could turn out to be a significantly better option, with regard to quality so individuals never accuse you of earning up terms.

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maintainment is a term actually it?

No, even though individuals yawn I do not. I love to play a casino game with my buddies in which some body will yawn and now we saw which yawns initially. We never ever generally winnings unless i am unwell with a cold because I have therefore exhausted it really is like We remained up a complete few days with a wink of rest.

We was raised using this term. Its a working, continuous, current tight. It proposes planned and committed future upkeep. Repair are a noun or an instantaneous activity. Repair proposes a necessity for fix after anything went incorrect, while maintainment could be the avoidance of problems and marketing of long-lasting security. Look at this phrase:
“let’s review or maintainment processes.” –This demonstrably shows there is nothing incorrect, and now we need ensure that is stays like that. “let’s give consideration to our maintainment associated with firm.” The organization is performing really; exactly what can we do in order to ensure that is stays because of this and also make it better; just how can we study from our continuous success?
“let’s review our upkeep processes.” –This appears to suggest anything is incorrect, and now we need fix-it. “let’s give consideration to our upkeep associated with firm.” There will be something incorrect aided by the firm; just how can we perhaps fix-it.
Genuinely, they don’t really also appear to be based on the exact same root term. Main-tenence vs. maintain-ment.

I believe its but i’ven’t seen or heard it utilized in numerous, years

Answer 6

but keeping or upkeep noises better

Answer 7

We never ever found this term, in a choice of literary works or perhaps in discussion.

it must be mantenimiento but that is spanish just what exactly you’re dealing with is upkeep!

It kinda seems appropriate!! like maintenence but future tight??


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yeah, irritation also tends to make me personally itch.. xD

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