Julia is listening to her meteorology professor explain how to interpret images from doppler radar. because julia’s goal is to understand

This woman is involved with ENERGETIC paying attention

Energetic hearing. Explanation: energetic hearing is a certain strategy and method of real human interaction. Considering Carl rogers´s work, it really is found in industries such as for example medical, psychotherapy and dispute quality. In addition indicates, among various other aspects, providing access and showing curiosity about the individual talking and is the hearing not just exactly what individual is articulating straight, and the thoughts, tips or ideas that underlie understanding becoming stated.

conscious Explanation:

This woman is involved with “extensive” hearing. To put it simply, here is the variety of paying attention that’s required being comprehend the information that’s becoming provided. Consequently, it really is “extensive” hearing, in which they are understanding how to understand the details that’s becoming offered.

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