John Grey owns Grey’s Snow Plowing. In October, Grey’s collects $12,000 cash for 6 commercial accounts for which he will provide snowplowing

John Gray owns Gray’s Snow Plowing. In October, Gray’s collects $12,000 money for six business accounts for which he’ll present snowplowing for the whole season. To document this transaction, Gray wlll enter which of the next entries? 1. Debit to Money Debit to Plowing Income 2. Credit score to Plowing Income Credit score to Money 3. Credit score to Unearned Plowing Income Debit to Unearned Plowing Income

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there’s 11 folks for the first place. then, irrespective of who will get it, there’s solely 10 left for the second, after which 9 left for the third. 11 x 10 x 9 = 990.   the reply is there are 990 alternative ways the positions may be stuffed by these candidates

Answera shift of the demand curve to the left;

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