Isn’t it great that Ted Cruz came up with a bill to wipe out the liberal nut job and fake Indian Elizabeth’s Warren’s most prized possession?

It’s no secret that Elizabeth Warren is not well-liked by many conservatives. After all, she’s a liberal Democrat who’s been vocal about her disdain for capitalism and the free market. However, one bill that conservative Senator Ted Cruz came up with may just give her the comeuppance she deserves.

What is the Cruz-Warren bill?

The Cruz-Warren bill, which was introduced in the Senate on Wednesday, is designed to eliminate the need for Elizabeth Warren to provide a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage.

The proposal would create a “biological evidence clearinghouse” that would store samples of genetic information from individuals who dispute their tribal citizenship. If someone attempted to use this information to gain an advantage in government or commercial endeavors, they would be subject to criminal and civil penalties.

Critics of the bill say it could unfairly target Native Americans who want to establish their ancestry, and it could also lead to genetic discrimination. But supporters argue that the measure is necessary because Warren has continued to falsely claim minority status in order to advance her career.

What do you think? Is Elizabeth Warren taking advantage of her minority status for personal gain, or is this an issue that needs to be addressed?

How would it work?

In order to wipe out Elizabeth Warren’s most prized possession, Ted Cruz has proposed a bill that would allow the government to purchase any land or property from a Native American tribe with just two-thirds of the vote of the tribal council. The bill is designed to help Native American tribes break free from the grips of the federal government and restore their sovereignty.

The bill is called the “Indian Property Rights and Self-Determination Act” and it has already been introduced in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

The idea behind the bill is simple: if Native American tribes are able to own and control their own land, they will be able to provide for themselves and their people without interference from the federal government. This is something that Elizabeth Warren herself has acknowledged, saying that she supports the principle of self-determination for Native American tribes.

Blog Section: How would it work?

Under Ted Cruz’s proposed Indian Property Rights and Self-Determination Act, any land or property belonging to a Native American tribe would be eligible for purchase by the government. This would allow tribes to break free from the control of the federal government and restored their sovereignty.

The bill has already been

Pros and Cons of the Cruz-Warren Bill

The bill, called the “Elizabeth Warren Elimination Act,” is designed to erase a $1 million debt that Elizabeth Warren allegedly owes to a Native American tribe. The bill has been met with mixed reactions, as some people see it as an attempt by Ted Cruz to score political points against his 2020 Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren. Others argue that the debt is fake and that Elizabeth Warren does not actually owe any money to the tribe.

The main benefit of the Cruz-Warren bill is that it would remove a major political obstacle for Ted Cruz in his 2020 reelection campaign. If the debt was real, it would be hard for him to attack Elizabeth Warren on her record of fighting for Native American rights. The main downside of the bill is that it may not be legally sound. If the Native American tribe does not actually exist, or if Elizabeth Warren did not actually owe them money, then the debt could be erased without consequence.


Isn’t it great that Ted Cruz came up with a bill to wipe out the liberal nut job and fake Indian Elizabeth’s Warren’s most prized possession? As much as I detest the Texas senator, this is one good thing he has done. It’s about time someone took a stand against her and her ilk.


Q: How do I wipe out Elizabeth Warren’s most prized possession?
A: Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to do just that. The ” Eliminating the President’s Political Powers After Death Act of 2017″ would revoke any authority exercised by the president after he or she dies, including any decision to appoint a successor. This would effectively end Warren’s chances of ever becoming president.

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