Isn’t Ashli Babbitt as much of a “hero” as Timothy McVeigh, Nathan Gale, Jerry Dahmer, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Charles Whipman were?

Nathan Gale was former military

Except for the word hero, they can all belong to the same broad category [None was a hero]. Nonetheless, only one of them [Babbitt], was the only and very dangerous insurrectionist. McVeigh was an anarchist and a former military personnel like Babbitt. Oswald was also a right wing extremist. Dahmer cooked and ate his victims. Nathan and Whitman were cold blooded killers. All were right wing extremists, at least two of them were former military.

How about the crack addict, home invader, convicted criminal George Floyd that you call a hero?


Alshi Babbit is dead, so is  McVeigh, Gale, Dahmer, Oswald, and Whipman. Today I settled all family business so don’t tell me your innocent Gilroy

She’s as great as Abraham Lincoln, JFK, MLK, Joan of Ark, George Washington, etc. 
Remember, they also opposed a morally corrupt government

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