Is Tony Romo really Hispanic? I thought Romo was an Italian name?

Maybe you should ask Mex-Amer…
you’ll get a BIG SURPRISE
PS- wasn’t Shakespeare Mexican?

Is Tony Romo Italian

Romo deserves a Super Bowl win more than anyone. I would say he is the best QB that is not in the elite group (Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers), yet is hated more than any other. He was loved for half a season after taking over for Bledsoe but since the Seattle game it seems as though both fans and haters hate him, and for what reason? The interception he threw against the Giants was more Patrick Craytons fault than Romo’s, and the 2008 season was a disaster (though it doesnt look as bad after ’10) mostly because of TOs crying and overall lack of team chemistry. They got blown out by the Vikings because of the offensive line not giving him enough time. I’m telling you, with a solid, younger Oline and a couple of good receivers (which he now has in Austin and Bryant), Romo can win a Super Bowl, and I would bet on it. Maybe not this year but in the next 2 or 3.

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Is Tony Romo really Hispanic? I thought Romo was an Italian name?

Romo seems like an italian name(I think it is) , but it’s not. Tony Romo’s full name is Antonio Ramiro Romo. He is a third-generation Mexican-American on his dad’s side. His mother is of Polish and German heritage. I also forgot where , but Romo has stated his is proud to be Hispanic. Hope that answers your question.

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yeah, his full name is Antonio Romo his dad is mexican

Answer 7

Yes. His father is Mexican.

He’s Mexican.

names have become global , remember shakespere

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