Is this site legit?(car related)?

I was looking for a cheap car when i found this site

Seems like only an experienced mechanic should touch these vehicles with unknown colorful histories.

I had to see if they also had car donation sites, which are potentially cheap sources of marginal cars they could just turn around. I did find the operators of that 4 1/2 year old site has these other related sites on thee same file server:

This is a ripoff, anytime you have to pay to see what they have. Nonsense. Repairable cars? Unless you are a skilled mechanic, how do you know what it is going to cost to repair something that probably has multiple problems? Look on Craig’s List or in your local newspaper for inexpensive driveable cars. But, when something is “cheap” there is usually a good reason it is cheap.

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I’d be weary of any website for used motor vehicles, even the scammer’s paradise called Craigslist (no offense, budderflyman). I do agree that if it’s super cheap, there’s likely a problem with it. My boyfriend has gotten all of his cars used for really cheap. But he’s a mechanic, and a damn good one I may add, so he can fix most problems that come up. I barely know anything about cars, let alone knowing what to look out for in buying a used one,. I’m glad I know someone who’s a mechanic because what little I do know about cars, I learned from him. My recommendation, become friends (or date) a mechanic. Their knowledge comes in handy haha!

The website seems to have a good online reputation based on the report below:…

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