Is there anything better than QuillBot?

When we talk about online article writers, we have to incorporate QuillBot into the discussion. The tool has attained the status of a “brand” in that field. Currently, the tool boasts more than 50 million users. Very few online tools receive such audience and response rates.

This begs the question that is there any tool that can outsmart QuillBot? Which tool gives better results than QuillBot? Because if such a tool exists, you can use it to create better quality content, giving you an edge over your peers.

Well, to solve that riddle, we propose you opt for The tool has been powered by the most advanced technology of the 21st century.  The technology enables to do word adjustments, sentence rewriting, paragraphing, and content overhauling.

The content achieves more screen time, better ROI, and more sales lead.  

This article contains the features, which make it better than QuillBot.

1. Ideal for professional content creators

We all should know that content writing is different from academic writing.  It requires search engine optimized content, attractive headings, and conversational style.  

The QuillBot rewrites are most suited for students. Although it offers 7 rewriting features which are:

  • Standard
  • Fluent
  • Formal 
  • Simple
  • Creative
  • Expand 
  • Shorten

All of these apply a definitive texture to the original work. But none of these cares about the requirements of blog writing. Due to this, it has found popularity among the students. This can be observed from its website.

85% of students have improved grades after using QuillBot. No such data is available for bloggers or other content creators. This means that it is quite specific for academic work.

The on the other hand can take care of blogging and professional writing requirements. To rank content on a website you need more than 200 factors, this is not as simple as academic work. You have to force the users towards reading the work.

It offers 4 basic modes for this purpose:

  • Plagiarism Removal
  • Near Human
  • Creative 
  • Text Improver

All these modes are adept at writing SEO-Friendly content, which appears on top of Google’s SERP.  So, for professionals is a better choice than QuillBot.

2. Readability

Readability is described as the ease of reading. For any content writing tool, it is an important characteristic. It isn’t only about making another copy; it is also about updating the overall quality of content.

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QuillBot doesn’t specialize in improving text quality. Although it offers an alternate style, it doesn’t care about adequate content tone and word substitutions.

For example, if your content is for pop music, you cannot use a formal tone. The audience would simply fail to connect. This results in lower reach and a general unacceptability. Similarly, an informational blog should use a more formal and indirect approach, backed by the right presentation of facts and figures.    

So, in short, the content should be written as per the audience. 

This is where eclipses its counterpart. It uses a more versatile approach. It analyzes the original content to understand the context and type of audience. This gives it background information, before rewriting. 

Due to this, the generated content fulfills the readers’ demand. They feel enlightened and amused by the content.

3. In-Built Translator

A translator is an important feature of any writing tool. It works both ways. Sometimes, writers prefer to work in their local language. Because expressing your feelings is always easier in your native language. We see it all the time, people switch to their mother tongue to exhibit extreme joy or anger.

With an in-built translator, they can write in the local language and convert it into English or any other language. 

It also allows them to write for multi-cultural audiences. They can write in English and translate it for any European audience as per requirement.   

QuillBot only offers 3 different versions of the English language, which are:

  • American English
  • British English
  • Australian English

This means that it can only write in the English language. can translate into 7 different languages. These languages include:

  • English 
  • Spanish
  • French 
  • German 
  • Arabic
  • Russian 
  • Chinese 

This feature gives it a global reach. It can attract readers from all over the world. The translator can convert 5,000 words in one search. The general length of any blog is between 1500-2000 words. This means that you can convert the whole blog in one go.

4. Mobile Support

Currently, the whole world is using a smartphone. As per the statistics of August 2022, the number of smartphone users in the world has soared up to 6.648 Billion, which makes the 86% of the world’s population.

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It is safe to say that no other invention has ever got such an audience. All the quality tools are making mobile-supported versions to access this huge opportunity. And quite frankly, the tools not having a mobile-supported version are missing out big time.

The QuillBot doesn’t have a mobile-supported version. This limits its overall scope. You can not access it 24/7, during travel, or during an urgent meeting. offers an android supported version. That means that android users, which as of 2022 are about 2.5 Billion in 190 countries can enjoy this luxury.

This android version can be downloaded from the play store. You can install it for free on your mobile and get its benefits.

This icon and user page of the android version are shown in the above picture. This makes it 24/7 accessible for its users.

5. Easy to Use

The tool should always be easy to use. It shouldn’t confuse the users with a plethora of options. Most users don’t understand extravagant technical terms. Once they see that, they switch to another tool.

QuillBot has a very wide range of options. Even the professionals get confused while looking for the right option. It offers 7 writing modes, which are a bit too much. And the features, which they offer are quite similar.

As a writer, you want your content to be simple and fluent. When the interface asks to choose any one of these modes, the writers get confused. This isn’t an appropriate choice.  It also offers a range of synonyms to pick from.  This choice further complicates the issue. 

At times, people choose advanced changes in synonyms with simple paraphrasing mode. The result is an

output that is self-contradictory. It lacks flow and contextual accuracy. offers a simple “Text improver” mode, this works on raising the quality of the text. These features of simplicity, fluency, and creativity are in-built into this mode. All you need is to simply click on this one mode and get the desired result.  

6. Limited Free Version 

The free version of QuillBot is like a gimmick. Although the official website shows that it exists, it offers nothing substantial.

The free version offers a paraphrasing limit of mere 125 words. Meaning that you can not rewrite a long paragraph from it. It is also limited to more than 2 modes, which are standard and fluency. The advanced options of a grammar checker and a plagiarism checker are also missing. 

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The complete scope of the free version can be seen below:

The is a bit more generous. The free version can rewrite 1,000 words in one search. You can rewrite a small-size complete blog post. All the paraphrasing modes are accessible in the free version.  The added features of a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, content generator, summarizer, and sentence rephraser are also available.

You can see in the above picture that the free version gives a real insight into all the offered features. You can try out all the features before making the final call. While in the case of QuillBot, you cannot experience all features unless you buy the premium subscription. 

7. Sentence Flow and Paragraphing

For any writing, sentence flow is very important. A sentence is the basic unit of an article. However, most people fail to understand this.

In a quality writing piece, all sentences are knitted in the right fashion. This combined impact gives the article acceptability and approval from the critics and general audience.

For sentence flow, every sentence should contribute to the original cause. It should glorify the previous sentence and leave readers itching for the next one. There shouldn’t be any fluff or redundancy in the content. It results in a lack of engagement.

Since QuillBot is predominantly for academic writing, it is only concerned with word-for-word rewrites. This approach doesn’t work in professional writing.

The complex algorithms of can improve the sentence flow and paragraph of your work. In the creative mode, it completely overhauls your original manuscript, giving it a unique look. In this mode, it rewrites sentences and paragraphs as per professional writing standards. The output looks world-class and ready to upload. 

Final Words

This article compares QuillBot and Although both tools are excellent in their own right, we believe in comparison, the successor takes the lead. 

We have presented 7 reasons to support our claim. Do give them a read and let us know what you feel about this comparison.

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