Is there a grey fruit?

There’s a Gray melon called “The Charleston Gray”.
It’s rind is gray.
Most watermelons today are crossbreeds of the Charleston Gray but if you had a 100% Charleston, it would be mostly gray in color( mixed with some green).…

Gray Fruit

I don’t know of any fruits that, when fresh, are gray. Some olives, when pickled, are grayish. Some fruits turn kind of gray when they are dried. Plums sometimes look gray because of the “dust” on them. But I definitely don’t think any fruits have gray flesh when fresh.

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yellow = banana green = grapes black = avocado dark green = avocado grey = you’ve got me there

When lemons get moldy.

Answer 6

if it’s rotten. hahahha

Answer 7

yeah, when there rotten, lol

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duh. an orange.

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