Is the skin deep diet real?

The skin deep diet is where you only eat fruit and vegetables skin. Is that a real diet? Would you lose weight on it?

It is real? yes. Does it work? NO! A fad diet from six years ago, and you don’t hear anything about it anymore. If it worked so well, everyone would have heard about it, and would be talking about it. Most of the references to it are from a stupid TV cartoon.

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That sounds sad and wasteful

Yes, you would definitely lose “weight”: you would lose a LOT of muscle, mostly because of this diet’s extreme protein deficiency.
Muscles can be destroyed very fat, because if your body tries to “eat” them it will not get a lot of calories or raw materials from that. Unlike fat, which is extremely dense in calories.
Whether a “fruit and vegetables” diet would make you lose *fat* as well or not is unclear. It depends on the caloric balance. You might even gain fat actually (if you still eat the same number of calories your body will starts stocking the extra energy he gets from destroying your muscle, moreover your BMR will go down).

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