Is the PS3 CECH-2001A backwards compatible with PS2 games?

No. Unfortunately for PS3 models, only the first few editions had full PS2 support. Sony dropped the support for PS2 on the new models including the new Slim.

The ones that had full PS2 support were the 20 GB (CECHB01) & 60 GB (CECHA01)

The 80 GB (CECHE01) had partial support but only with downloaded software.

Try getting a 20 or 60 gig for cheap off e-bay or something but nothing Sony produces now has the backward compatibility for PS2 games. They were off to a good start including that in the PS3, but for some reason, they chose not to keep that feature. Shame on Sony.

Ps3 Model Cech-2001a

Yours is a 320GB (which is a ton of space and can hold tons of games, pictures, movies, etc. It isn’t backwards compatible, but it really isn’t a big deal at all. Slim’s are way better than old models. All Slim models (especially newer ones) are 33% smaller, lighter, quieter, faster and more efficient (efficient as in you’ll actually be saving money on power bills, which is a real nice bonus.) The only PS3’s that WERE compatible were the old 20, 60 and SOME 80GB models. They were only 95% compatible with all PS2 games, and the discs that PS2 games are made on are NOT good for the PS3!!!! A lot of people don’t know that, but DVD/CD ROMS make the PS3 work WAY harder than it has to, which can make it overheat or shift parts inside it causing it to break on you. See, PS3’s were designed to play Blu ray discs (which is what PS3 games are made on too by the way.) Only Blu ray should be played on ANY PS3 because anything else isn’t good for the system. Even a Slim can overheat from a DVD/CD ROM being played inside it. They force the system to spin the disc faster and move the laser faster in order to read it. You combine the two and overheating is very likely and the parts are moving faster than usual so internal damage is also a definite possibility. Be really happy you got a new 320GB model man, it, along with the 160GB that’s out now are the BEST models to have. Nothing else beats them for overall performance and power. They’re literally mini supercomputers believe it or not. They’re more than powerful to be one. Hope that helps.

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Ps3 Cech-2001a

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