Is Senegalese culture more similar to Cameroon or Morocco ?

Senegal is a nation situated in west-central Africa and has now a populace of approximately 20 million individuals. It stocks boundaries with both Senegal’s neighboring nations, Mauritania on north and Mali on eastern, and Guinea south. The state languages tend to be French and Wolof, but a sizable percentage associated with the populace additionally talks numerous neighborhood languages. Senegal has actually an abundant tradition which centered on its record included in the area referred to as “Sahel”.

Background: Senegal and Cameroon

The two nations share an extended and complex record, with Senegal appearing as an unbiased nation in 1960 over time of French colonial guideline. Senegal is culturally much like Cameroon, revealing multiple African customs and languages. Morocco, having said that, has actually an even more diverse tradition which includes impacts through the Arab globe.

Both Senegal and Cameroon have seen powerful financial development in the last few years, and their particular residents tend to be progressively trying to follow social mores from neighboring nations. It’s resulted in some social similarities involving the two nations, with both countries favoring conventional gown over Western outfit. Furthermore, both countries have actually a solid target household and personal connections, that could result in stress with outsiders which try to interrupt these customs.

Religion: Senegal is primarily Muslim while Cameroon is mainly Christian

Senegal normally residence to an important populace of animists.

Cameroon houses an important populace of animists and.

Language: Both Senegal and Cameroon tend to be Francophone

The countries of Senegal and Cameroon tend to be comparable, with both nations having a Muslim bulk. Both nations supply comparable songs and food. Senegalese tradition is much more like Morocco than Cameroon, although two nations share some similarities.

Food: Both nations have actually multiple meals that reflects their particular particular countries

Senegal and Cameroon have actually lots in keeping with regards to their particular meals. Both nations have actually multiple meals that reflects their particular particular countries. Including, in Cameroon, you will find conventional meals like Bambara sauce and djenné sauce, that are created from various fresh fruits and herbs. In Senegal, you will find comparable meals like Gambian chicken and couscous. But the 2 nations supply their own meals that mirror their particular social experiences. Including, in Senegal, you will find spicy pepper soup labeled as bouillon de bœuf (meat broth). At the same time, in Cameroon, you will find meals like yassa chicken, a lamb meal prepared with herbs and natural herbs.


It may be challenging inform the essential difference between countries when you initially get to an innovative new destination, however with some study it’s not hard to note that Senegalese tradition is much more much like Cameroon than it really is to Morocco. Both nations have actually powerful African origins, and share numerous typical traditions and customs. Including, both nations tend to be predominantly Muslim, and both are notable for their particular songs and party. But there are lots of crucial differences when considering the 2 countries that will make one much better suited to you compared to various other.


Senegal is culturally much like both Cameroon and Morocco. The language talked in Senegal is French, that will be like the languages talked in Cameroon and Morocco. The religions applied in Senegal tend to be Islam and Christianity, that are additionally the prevalent religions in Cameroon and Morocco. The tradition in Senegal normally like Cameroon and Morocco.

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