Is Meghan Markle and Prince Harry a true love story? ?

Do they truly love each other or is there an agenda behind it all? 

Once our secret American plan is implemented, Meghan will be queen!

I think the specific issue is that they genuinely are really infatuated with one another. It’s extremely basic for eminence to have relationships of accommodation or to wed to look good or a beneficiary. This isn’t what they’ve done, and that is the reason it’s troublesome.

A case of man meets woman, man says wow, woman say he hawt, man and woman get married. Nothing romantic just regular.

Yes! To them yessssssssssssssssssss

Kindly do us all a favor and get a life. Cheers

Answer 6

I think the exact issue is that they truly are actually in love with each other.  It’s very common for royalty to have marriages of convenience or to marry for the sake of appearance or an heir.  This is not what they’ve done, and that’s why it’s difficult.

Answer 7

Meghan has manipulated and abused Harry to the point of costing him everything in his life.
She thought she could bring her liberal Hollywood entitlement in to the Royal family and bully everyone around her for her own gratification.
As is typical, she played the race card when she realized that her evil attitude wasn’t going to be rewarded the way she though she was entitled too and has driven a wedge between Harry and his family. The classic controlling, abusive spouse.

Meghan rules her man with a rod of iron, like most wives.

No.  They “is” human beings.


Only time will tell.

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