Is “kind’ve” an acceptable contraction for “kind of”?

I’m in an ongoing battle of nerdery with this guy I’m seeing. I say it’s an acceptable colloquialism, but not an official word. What do you all think?

no. it’s not proper english. sorry!

No, a contraction is the joining of two words that would go together if said the proper way. Kind’ve would be saying “kind have” which makes no sense. Kinda is the slang people use to say “kind of.” Either way, it’s not a proper English contraction.

I agree with you. I think it’s an acceptable colloquialism, but not an official word. It isn’t proper english though. If I heard it or read it though, I’d get the idea.

It’s not really an acceptable colloquialism or an official word.

‘ve is a contraction of have, not of (as in we’ve) so technically, he wins … however, if you are transcribing the spoken word, how else do you write kind’ve? kind’f is hopelessly wrong. So, you are right; that’s the way I’d write it too. Tell the guy to pay up.

Answer 6

“Kind of” is more appropriate because both are words. “Kind have” really doesn’t make sense when they are said together, so I’m not sure you can contract them to make any better sense. Interesting though! I always thought of it as “kinda.”

Answer 7

because contractions for words use only the letters in the 2 words. no extras like V, there is no V in kind of.
there is no contraction for kind of. none of them would make sence, seeing as you put a ( ‘ ) to replace the missing letters, eg. don’t ( the ( ‘ ) is replacing the o. for “donot” or “do not”
you could say kinda. or
you could say Kind’f or Kin’of. but those don’t make sence.
thats all.

it is kind of not kind/ve


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