Is Jessie Waltman from BP Earthwatch reliable?

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Jesse Waltman

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Yes, he’s extraordinarily reliable compared to most on YouTube and remarkably accurate in the area of solar activity as it regards earthquake and weather patterns. He has numerous links to sites dealing with solar, USGS earth related monitors, CERN, and numerous other interesting sites. Great stuff. Given the state of what passes as science these days, he applies the scientific method to his observations far more than most grant ꜱᴜcκing scientists. As for NASA comparisons or Paul Begley appearances, what the hell does that have to do with anything? He’s not a flat earth proponent but if he had discussions on earthquakes or politics with someone who was, who gives a damn?

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I want to know his background and why listen to him? Cant find anything. I know he is connected to Begley, who seems like a showman, I just don t watch him. I like to know what his background is and why he seems to know the things he claims to. We need to find out this info before listening to these people. Anyone Know about him?

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It is always good to hear various opinions so we can decide our own truth. Jesse presents info from a different angle and has some interesting findings. I would say pay attention to your intuition.

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NASA doesnt lie? And I guess Obama doesnt people keep drinking the govt kool aid..yeah all of us conspiracy theorists are all crazy right? But we were right, IRS scandal,spying from NSA, oh and according to NASA thereis no radiation from fukishima hitting our shores either,you all dont deserve the truth.

Both Jessie Waitman and BP Earthwatch are representatives of the lunatic fringe. NASA couldn’t be lying to us because thousands of astronomers all over the world follow them, and know that their results are highly reliable.

Once you learn that youtube channels can be monetized to earn money on the amount of subscribers you learn quickly that this guy is a gutter rat. A lot of religious preachers are simply fraudsters trying to survive by selling sɴᴀκᴇᴅ oil.


Is he reliable? For what? I certainly wouldn’t buy a used car from him or any of his crowd. I am a scientist and deal in evidence. He isn’t and his evidence appears to be whatever he wants it to be. Interesting to Google his name and spot all the fund raising scams he seems to be connected to.

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