is it true that Ann Coulter was born Jeremy Levinsohn from NY?

Co-worker Licky ᗪıc̫ҡenstein described these early years, “Jeremy was a natural, I never saw anyone take to drag so quickly. Once he found his persona, he WAS Pudenda Shenanigans. For most of us drag was a part time thing, but Pudenda was 24-7, always in character, always in costume. She really shook things up, she was a goddess on stage.”

I heard that rumor before….hmmmm….it would explain the adam’s apple, facial hair and man-hands

Pudenda Shenanigans

That Adams Apple is a giveaway


I’m surprised she was born at all. She is the most stupid person I know next to Bush.

Doubt that it is true, but it would explain a lot about Mann.

Answer 6

THAT makes sense.

He/she/it belongs in a circus freak show.

Answer 7

Of course you have a reliable source you wouldn’t mind sharing with us don’t you? Otherwise this is pure BS.

Her mother was a man

every time I post a question, even if its the simplest one, nobody can provide me a proper informed answer . wtf happened to people who actually take the time to answer?

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That would explain his (hers) adams apple.

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