Is it proper grammar to say “last week’s meeting?”?

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I know that there are other ways of wording it, but I want to know if this specific way is correct.

Hello Jane

The use of the apostrophe in “week’s” is correct. It is an example of the possessive form, i.e. the meeting “belongs” to last week.

The French language has no possessive and and a French person would say “the meeting of last week”. If I’m not sure if something is in the possessive form or not I try to think of how it would have to be said as if there were no possessive, as in French. If it makes sense then it is the possessive form! Another example would be “my dog’s bone”. It makes sense to say “the bone of my dog” so the use of the apostrophe to denote the possessive is correct.

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On Last Week Grammar

Weeks means many weeks

Week’s is possivie indicatiing the meeting belongs to the week – Yes week’s is correct.

i think it’s correct =D

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Is it proper grammar to say “last week’s meeting?”?

A lot of people might say that it’s incorrect to use the past tense when referring to a meeting that happened “last week.” Is this really an issue, or is it just a matter of personal preference? Read on to find out!

What is the correct grammar to use for

“Last week’s meeting?”

When is it proper not to use

“Last week’s meeting?”

It is proper not to use “last week’s meeting” when referring to a past meeting.


There is some debate around whether it is proper grammar to use “last week’s meeting” in lieu of “the last meeting”. Some people believe that the use of “last” connotes a temporal relationship between the two meetings, whereas others feel that using “week’s” preserves the sense of permanence implied by the word “meeting”. Ultimately, this is an argument for which linguists would likely have plenty to say. In the end, it may be more important to stick to standard English and avoid contractions when possible if you want your writing to sound polished.

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